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Port Washington Roofing Company is a locally owned business that has been providing roof installation and repair services to the Port Washington NY area for years. 

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Port Washington Roofing has been serving our neighbors throughout the New York area for years. We specialize in all phases of the roofing process: from roof repairs to roof replacements, as well as maintenance programs and complete roof overhauls. Our professionals are dedicated to serving your needs in a timely manner, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, as well as a commitment to customer service excellence. We pride ourselves in being a “one-stop contractor” in the roofing industry.

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Commercial Roofing

We offer commercial roofing to all businesses and large properties in the Port Washington NY area. 


Residential Roofing

Our businesses revolves around offering the best residential roofing services available.


Roof Repairs & Replacements

If your roof or structure has been damaged after a storm or heavy rainfall.



Waterproofing is necesary for a healthy roof structure and vital for safety in Port Washington NY.

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We are a friendly yet professional and affordable roofing contractor in the New York Area. We have years of experience within the roofing industry and ready to help you.

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We have been involved in the roofing industy for a long period of time. We are considered local experts in the Port Washington Area.

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We have flexible hours and will most certainly be able to help with any roofing services you need

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We only make use of the best quality workmanship ever. Our contractors are professional.

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We strive to offer the neighbourhood of port washington the most affordable roof repairs and replacements

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All our constractors have years of experience and we can assure a high level of professionalism.

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All our roofing products are top quality so there is no need to stress about poor jobs when working with us.

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With years of experience providing high-quality roofing services throughout the New York area, Port Washington Roofing of NY is the community’s top-of-mind choice when it comes to roof replacements, roofing repairs, gutter services, and home insulation.

We have built a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction as a premier roofing contractor, with thousands of installations throughout the Port Washigton NY community.

Port Washington Roofing handles both residential and commercial roofing and roof repairs and replacements, including apartment complexes, condominium buildings, and other local establishments.

Why We Are The Top Roofing Company In Port Washington NY

Roofing contractors in Port Washington do not place enough emphasis on the maintenance of roofs. In order for the warranties (that our roofing material suppliers offer) to be kept valid, there are clauses that specifically state that maintenance at various intervals needs to be carried out.  As a roofing contractor we offer this service, not only for the roof covering, but also for the waterproofing products that have been incorporated in ensuring that your roof is watertight. Often a roof is only thought about when it starts to leak, which could have been avoided had regular maintenance been carried out, ensuring a longer lifespan of the roof. Due to the harsh and varying climate that New York experiences, it is imperative that that as a leading roofing contractor in Port Washington NY we are able to advise our clients on how to achieve the correct values when building your roof. Values determine the temperatures that you will experience when living inside your house.  Optimally one wants to keep a house cool during summer and warm in winter.  This is achieved by choosing the correct roof covering, sisalation and insulation. As preferred a preferred roofing company we offer not only a full-service roofing solution for both residential and commercial properties in Port Washington NY, but have ceiling and painting divisions as well.  If you look up we can build it, or probably built it. If you are looking to replace your roof, build on to existing structures, restore or carry out roofing repairs to your damaged roof, call us for an obligation free quote. Our roofing works unit offers you a free assessment together with a roof report and quotation.

Our service offering includes:

  • Timber Frame Construction & Trusses

  • Tiled Roofs

  • Metal Sheet Roofs

  • Slate Roofs

  • Roof Replacements

  • Roof Repairs

  • Roof Restoration

  • Lofts

  • Carports

  • Waterproofing

  • Painting of Roofs

Our roofing and roof repair services in Port Washington extend to numerous suburbs.  We use only the best quality timber and building materials.  As professional roofing contractors, we ensure that our workmanship is nothing short of superior.  Our expert team is always on hand with advice on any queries.  Our team is friendly and professional, and we offer our services at competitive rates. Whether you require new roof coverage or advice on existing roof structures, or the various available coverings, no query is too big or too small.


We used this roofing company to cover our courtyard area between the house and garage. The team were really fantastic they did a really good job and they quality of their workmanship is impressive, they made sure everything was done right.
John Allison
Amazing team got the job done, after other contractors could not help no more leaks, Worth every cent very happy client. Thanks for the roof replacement and repairs.
Alicia Potter
Seamless experience! The work undertaken was of the highest quality ... the workers were very neat and tidy and well supervised. The job was done thoroughly. I highly recommend!
Edward B. Suarez

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